I was 11 years old when I got my first camera – an Instamatic Minolta 110.  Loved that camera.  I received it for my birthday and then used it for a European tour that summer.  All those pictures are treasures to me.  A few cameras later, and the odd picture of vacations, friends and family  and I purchased my first DSLR just over 2 years ago.  A Nikon D80.  And started taking pictures of Boucle with it.  Loved that camera.  It could do amazing pictures.

Now I have a full frame Nikon D700 –  it is superb and I love it!

My Gear

  • Nikon D700 full frame DSLR – a dream camera
  • Nikon D80 DSLR
  • 50 mm 1.4G Nikkor
  • 85mm 1.4G Nikkor – my favorite lens
  • 105mm 2.8VR Nikkor Micro
  • 70-300mm 4.5-5.6 Nikkor
  • DX lens – 18-55 Nikkor and 16-85 Nikkor


  • SB800 Nikon
  • SB600 Nikon
  • Umbrellas, reflectors and light stands

You will find a mix of pictures on the blog.  Some from the beginning of sweetie-pie with a 3.1mg Pentax point and shoot all the way to my current, the D700.

I hope you enjoy sweetie-pie’s pictures as much as I love taking them.

Best Jane Anastasia

P.S.  You can find some of my photography on my other blogJane Anastasia Studio

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