…waiting for me……….


When I pull out the camera, Boucle thinks it is my toy, much like his stuffies, and he also knows and loves that I will point it at him.  I think he thinks that I am playing with him and he simply loves all the attention.

I have quite a few photos where he is just doing his thing, like this one, or the one with him half under the drape with his bum in the air, so cute.  I love these and have a wall of photos like this.  I will add this one to it.


…checking out the new dog in the garden……..

Mr. Puppy sculpture is now a new addition to my garden.

So this is what happened.  The day before yesterday it was beautiful warm and sunny.  I had errands to run and one of the places was Canadian Tire for a mailbox slot (the postman broke my last one).  If you are Canadian, you know that Canadian Tire is a wonderful place for garden inspiration.  And since garden centers do not have even pansies out yet, and we are all starving for some spring and summer – entering Canadian Tire is like a spring paradise.  Of course, I went up and down the garden isles to check it all out.  And there were solar lights.

And then I turned and there was a brown puppy sculpture with a solar light.  Big floppy ears, brown, sitting like Boucle sits.  Only his eyes are blue and Boucle’s are brown.  Nevertheless, I was overtaken with garden Boucle inspiration.  I couldn’t resist and took this Boucle puppy home.  There it now sits, in my garden adding a touch of garden whimsy.  Every garden, no matter how serious, needs a bit of garden whimsy.

Boucle needed to check him out too and give his poodle approval……sweetie-pie likes him.

…some loving at the vet……..

We've arrived. Boucle waiting in waiting room.

...now waiting in the exam room.....

..she's arrived..she's arrived!!!!....

..Boucle gets some loving from the vet....

We had our annual visit to the vet.  She is one awesome vet and Boucle loves going there.  The staff are wonderful, and so is the vet.  I could not ask for a more caring and intelligent vet for my sweetie-pie.

…sweetie-pie receiving some loving……:)

…waiting for the black cat……..

One of his favorite spots to wait for the black cat.  The black cat is quite a fighter, yet Boucle guards our yard quite well with his barks when he spots the black cat.  In fact, all I have to do is say cat, and he is looking around for it, ready to keep it off his land.  The cat, is wise, and stays far far way, all the way on the other side of the neighbors’s property line.